Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taking the Heat is Proving Difficult

So, I succeeded in getting to a bancomat, but failed at the supermarket. I should have realized that living near the capital of the Catholic Church, everything would be closed Sundays. Luckily though Gelato was open. Mint and Chocolate. Yum.

Monday morning all we did was have 4 hours of lecture. Crispin lectured on Busts and portraits of people and the differences between time periods. Caesar was the first to put his own portrait on a coin. Augustus brought back a more Classical style to his busts. She also pointed out that a lot of art at this time depicted everyday life and we learn so much from those because not everything can be found in ancient literature.

Sarah gave a lecture on the rise of the Roman Empire. Something I probably should have known about, but as I found out, I actually had no idea. Probably my favorite part of the lecture was when we got to the poets Virgil and Ovid. Although it made me upset talkign about Ovid knowing that the Metamorphoses class I wanted to take is cancelled.

After class a bunch of us went to Della Palma, a gelateria near the Pantheon with over 100 flavors of gelato. So, essentially. Euphoria. I got some blackberry with some lemon and was like a kid in a candy store, which was appropriate since the establishment was also a candy shop.

On my way back from gelato I went to the supermercato and bought some noodles, a red and a yellow pepper, onions, garlic, sauce, and soda and made myself some pasta with sauce containing all those things. Its... well its still pretty bland. I need to find a way to spice things up a bit! However, all of this cost me under 10 Euro and I have food for quite some time. This was also one of my first attempts at being somewhat domestic, I mean being a Classics/Religoius studies major I gotta be able to be a trophy husband.

Later that night most of us from the group went to a bar near where we go to school to watch the Soccer game between the US and Italy. It was an American bar where the waiter didn't even speak Italian! We met a group of students from Ohio and hung out with them. I played wingman for some of the guys. I'm considering going pro. Eventually the rest of the group left, and I stayed for some reason. Time here doens't exist because I don't have a watch, and I'm still not used to my new phone, well I'm not used to having this phone so I don't think to check it. Eventually though, about an hour later (I'm assuming it was what... 1 am at this point?) I decided to walk back. This proved... a challenge. I got to a location where I knew I had to go right or left, but wasn't sure of which way to go. Magically I picked the right direction. I remember thinking, "get across a bridge and you're good. Find the Tiber. Find the Tiber." I found the Tiber. The next leg of this journey was finding the Vatican. This was easier. I got the wall surrounding the vatican and ran my hand against it thinking, "This will lead me home. This will lead me home." It did.

Class today was a lecture on domestic architecture. I became fascinated not so much with the actual architecture, because I learned about that in high school, but it was interesting learning how people have been able to figure out what things were used for. I asked an excessive amount of incoherent questions today. I felt annoying... luckily my professors are gracious enough to not tell me to shut up. Even though they probably should have!

The heat is starting to get to me... I'm growing tired more quickly and not being able to sleep as well. Hopefully my body can adjust quickly.

Tomorrow we start at the Colliseum.


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