Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Roma Arrival

So, waking up on the 8th at 7 am I snuck out of the apartment as to not wake Ingrid or her host mother. I walked to the metro and thought I was clear on my way to getting to the airport.

I was a little off on that thought...

There is a stop in the metro in Paris called Charles De Gaulle and so Ingrid and I both assumed that was the stop for the airport... which... looking back now was a pretty stupid idea since this stop wasn't anywhere near out of the city limits... Luckily the first person I talked to spoke English and directed me to the actual stop which was two transfers and about 45-60 minutes away... I was getting nervous. However I made it in time and arrived in Rome safely after a layover in London.

After arriving in Rome I took a shuttle (for 50 Euros) to the metro and eventually ended up at the Residence Candia where I'll be now for a few weeks. Its finally nice to have some stability. By the time I arrived though the group had already gone out for dinner and touring. I was happy staying in though and figuring out my life without any real distractions.

The place I'm living in has a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. My room has three beds and the other two. I have the top bunk... I'm afraid I'm going to have some really warm nights that I'm not really looking forward to... but all in all it should be a pretty nice place. Hopefully won't be spending too much time here besides doing work... which I don't have a whole lot of anyway.... 2 papers. a 45 minute presentation. and a journal... which I've already been doing clearly since I can use this!

Today, June 9th, we had our first class. The professors are amazing and one of them is from Bismarck, ND! We went over some art history and terminology as well as a brief overview of Roman history. After that we attempted to get our phones activicated but the phone company didn't have enough SIM cards or something. Then 3 others and I walked around until we found this place in the wall with sandwiches. We grabbed some and ended up eating them in this farmers market. Afterwards I grabbed some mixed berry gellatto and ended up getting a little on my shirt... a white polo which I had just worn for the first time.. :/ luckily one of the girls had a bleach pen!

Now I'm getting ready to adventure the rest of the day....

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