Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2 in Warsaw

Waking up.... my least favorite thing to do ever.

I woke up around noon. I needed water. So badly. Unfortunately in Europe the only kind of water they have is warm and bubbly. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to drink when you want to feel refreshed. Honestly, I have no idea how this continent survives on this kinda crap. yuck.

So, some bubbly water, bread, and a shower later Magda, her mother and I venture out into Poland. We started in a more political district with important buildings and whatnot. Magda's mother explains everything to me and I couldn't be more grateful. It was so interesting learning about the history of a country I really didn't know that much about except for the fact that my friend is from here.

We eventually ended up in this gorgeous park comparable to Central Park in NYC. Except better. Way better. Better in every way imaginable. It was prettier, cleaner, less people, and led us to many interesting places including a a center dedicated to Chopin and ultimately another palace. Before we took a tour of the palace though we ran into SO MANY WILD PEACOCKS! They were gorgeous and we took so many pictures. Eventually we found one that displayed his feathers and was shaking them violently at another bird who was trying to eat food near this peacock. Also, the sound they make is something you must look up. It was not appropriate with how beautiful they are externally.

Then we had ice cream...

now, I like my sweets and I love me some ice cream. But this stuff was orgasmic. It was THE best dessert I've had in my life. I had three scoops. One lemon, one blackberry, and one vanilla. Individually they were incredible and combined even better. I honestly cannot explain what a taste explosion this was. I never want to eat American ice cream again.

Finally we reached the palace where everything was authentic unless stated otherwise. It was so nice that they made us put on these slippers over our shoes so we didn't ruin the floors. I was incredibly impressed by how much Classical influence the palace displayed with sculptures and paintings of Classical mythological scenes.

After leaving this palace we took a bus to the center of town we were at before where we met Magda's father. We walked around for a bit and ended up eating at another restaurant outside. Where... it started raining again. :( This was a very polish place unlike the more Italian place we went the day before. I got some Beef Stroganaugh to see what it was like.... well... it made me a little nauseous and I definitely wanted the kind my mom made instead....

Magda and I walked around for a bit after that, but called it an early night because we were so exhausted from the night before and I was still trying to fix my internal clock... and now I'm posting this. :)

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  1. What makes Zach more excited: Orgasmic Ice Cream or Classical mythological themes