Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Apparently it CAN get cold in Italy...

Well, Sunday is our one day of no class so I slept in until noon. It. Was. Marvelous.

Jumping onto facebook as I normally do in the morning I noticed that Jen Jordt, a friend from SCL, had just arrived in Italy! I had completely forgotten that she was coming after all of the excitement of Fargo being here. We made a plan to meet and I went to where she was staying, in what used to be a nunnery. I had to use a new kind of public transit here called the FR train. Basically it seemed like a communter rail that goes farther out of the city. Luckily, she was only two stops away on this train. She and her new friend Brenda, from Florida and doing the same program Jen is, greeted me and we walked to go grab some gelato, where I tried what is probably going to be one of my favorite kinds of gelato: Pink Grapefruit. After this we walked to go see where she's staying and it started raining at this time, which is weird, because I was told that it wasn't going to rain at all while here! We tried waiting the rain out in her lobby, when we left though it was still raining. Now, I've never considered myself that randomly lucky of a person on a day to day basis, but this trip has proven me completely wrong the entire time and even with something so insignificant as having to walk in the rain, I was lucky enough to find a semi-broken umbrella on the ground! It opened and that's all that mattered to me! It won't shut now, but... I'm okay with it.

The rest of the day was uneventful as I started work on my paper and then just grabbed some more gelato later.

*Warning* --> this next paragraph is purely the mandatory academic portion. Feel free to skip.

Monday we had class at 9 again in the classroom. We learned about the different emperors and their apparently screwed up lives. With all the problems those emporers had personally I'm amazed the empire stayed alive at all. Then we looked at some art and learned about the different art styles used during these emperors. After that Sarah gave a lecture on the Roman calendar and how Caesar changed it, and then Augustus made it extremely Augustan-centric, by using his name to designate the year always.

*Back to the good stuff*

Well, that's not completely true... there really wasn't much good stuff that went on yesterday. It still wasn't super nice out and I just worked on my paper. We tried going out last night, but should have realized nothing's open on Monday night...

Today, class. Mostly just Major and Minor art during the period of the emperors. Then research. Nap. Blog. Now maybe going to Scholar's lounge again.


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