Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Night Out

So, after the last entry...

I ended up having some drinks with the roommates waiting for all others to get ready and come over as we prepared to head out to a restaurant as a group, although 4 girls stayed behind and cooked. It was interesting watching, or more accurately listening to people from my room interact as everyone got to know each other. I usually don't find it difficult relating to guys at all. I mean, come on, lets be real. Most of my friends are guys, but I was dying for the girls to finally come down to our place. When they did we were finally joined together as our full group since the last girl finally got in after waiting an extra day so she could take the LSAT. I'm pretty glad she got here too, I definitely felt a connection right away. :)

Anyway, once everyone was there and had some sufficient liquid jackets on, which are clearly completely unnecessary in Rome, we headed towards a restaurant. We really only had an area we were heading for without an idea of an exact restaurant. One of the guys seemed to know where he was going, so we all followed, and then we ended up goign further than we needed to I'm pretty sure because we ended up around where our class was and it shouldn't have taken as long as it did to get there.

We finally found a restaurant with lots of seating outside for all of us. We ordered the cheapest wine and I split gnocchi gorgonzola with my new friend, Sarah from Columbia. :) It was amazing. We all started to bond. (The alchy clearly helped with that). One of the guys slammed down his wine glass and broke it... slightly embarrassing...

After we walked home and all headed to bed to get up at 7:45 the next morning for class... It was about 1 at this point... yuck.

Class today was less than intriguing for me, minus the part about Art History. I'm really enjoying learning the differences between the different time periods, but the review of Roman religion and the gods was less than thrilling being a Religious Studies and Classics major, but I mean, I expected that coming into this anyway. :) Later most of the group had to stay for an Italian class, but thankfuly I've taken a year of it so I didn't have to go, and instead had to head home to figure out a subletting problem. :/ After that I walked all the way back to the classroom to figure our phone stuff out only to walk all the way back to the hotel after finding a cheap place for soda, thank God.

Now I'm just relaxing and doing some work before I sleep. Tomorrow we go on our first archeological walk!


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