Friday, June 19, 2009

Divine Intervention

Alright, so the day started out with a Museum near termini station which I don't recall the name of right now, but honestly, that part of the day does not even matter in the slightest. What does matter starts at around 1:15 PM after arriving at the accent center and falling asleep for about 1o minutes.

As I just said, I fell asleep for about 10 minutes. I abruptly woke up and was like, "OH! I have to get to the Pantheon now to meet my dad!" I said ciao to the friends and walked down the stairs after having secured in my mind how to get to the Pantheon. Well, I walk outside and I hear this familiar voice: The voice of the tour guide of the group my dad's in. What. Are. The. Chances. Honestly, the gods have been in my favor this entire trip even through the hard times, but these past two days and especially today have worked out beyond perfectly, beyond anything I could have expected or hoped for. We visited the Pantheon, beautiful. Then we had lunch together, beautiful. Then we wandered around the area together and I showed him the space in Largo Argentina where Caeser was killed, although at the time I neglected to tell him that.

Following that we went to dinner with the group from North Dakota where I didn't eat, and luckily so. The food was not that good, at least what I had bites of from other people. However after that we went to the Piazza Navona and were all inspired by the simply magnificent artistry that occurred there. So many paintings and none of them below fantastic. Strando bought some stuff after looking through a very talented man's entire collection. I then led us home while following the Vatican wall.

We then went to their hotel and picked up a couple of the high school students and I took them to Millenium, a gelateria near Residence Candia, where I'm staying. After thoroughly enjoying ourselves there we decided to try catching up with the rest of our group at the Piazza Del Populo.


Another act of divine intervention as we all agreed to go and got there as quickly as possible. We caught the end of an incredible show celebrating the 100th year Italy has had electricity. There were people around the piazza and on stage were women dancing around with fire. Following that amaizng act there was a spectacular fireworks show, better than any I've seen in America. Another act brought on by the gods occurred here when even in the large large crowd we were able to spot Volk and the other North Dakotans.

After going home, Volk, Strand, My dad, and I went to a nice resaurant where we talked about their trip, my trip, and various other things including at one point where I taught Volk some new things about the Pantheon that I learned while taking this amazing class.

Saying goodbye was bittersweet, but honestly, the joy Ive felt from the last two days experiencing the one place on earth that means so much to the four of us, I just can't even describe the elation I'm feeling.

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